Thursday, October 17, 2013

Serious about Licensing-Sheldon Bilberry setting an Antioxidant Foot in the Consumer Goods World.

As I approach the release of my fourth children's book The Treasure in Her Smile and I start the edit of "Wake Up, Montana Ned!I am really thinking of packaging up my three books in The Blueberry Boy Series along with the doll and contacting a licensing agent within the next two months. I'll get their opinion on all the hard work I've done with respect to revisions to the stories and layout changes to the books and cape I made for the doll. I know that parents across the world can really relate to a child that loves blueberries and all the health benefits that make them feel like they can jump high, run fast, stand with a cape strong and convince non blueberry eater friends that blueberries are better than they had ever imagined! It's a positive series starring a character that shared his way to super hero status and is now harvesting his blueberries with his friends and family on his farm. Licensing is a way to get my product out there to the masses and share what I created to people across the world.

Monday, October 7, 2013

"The Treasure in Her Smile." Illustrations and an Excerpt!

In this story, a girl named Glory learns more about her smile from her cousin than she ever knew before.

Here's an excerpt from the book!  

          Cousin Teddy sat down and spoke to Glory about the treasure that lay deep within each person's heart, a collection of the gifts, values, and goodness that make up that person.
          Glory listened closely. “My smile is made up of treasures hidden in my heart?”
          “Exactly right, Glory,” said Teddy. “If you find out what you treasure the most in the whole world, I bet it will give you a reason to smile again!”

 Treasure is a supply of riches which is often lost or forgotten until being rediscovered!!