Friday, September 13, 2013

What's my next step?

And most importantly, what's Sheldon Bilberry's next step?

Where can I take him? Where will he take me?

Where can we be seen? How can Sheldon Bilberry and his berry squad, the people of Jaloonsville (Jalooners) and his blueberry eating Bear touch all blueberry lovers across the world?

What we know now about Sheldon Bilberry is that he has Go-o-o-o-od Energy from Blueberries!

But what don't we know?

We don't know that he can COOK as long as the Main Ingredient is Blueberries!! OH YES! He can put his Chef hat on (although it might have a flare of blueberry love) and cook up recipes with the best of them.

More Illustrations of Sheldon...more Blueberries and more to know about The Blueberry Boy and his Friends in a Children's Cookbook. I'm working on it so I'll keep you informed! In the meantime, I'm publishing a new book now that I wrote called The Treasure in Her Smile. It should be for sale in the next 6 months! This is not included in The Blueberry Boy Series.