Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I made some slight revisions to my new book and it should update within a week or two! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Harvest Time at Sheldon's Blueberry Farm."

This weekend I finished up the editorial process with Karen Schader for the third story in The Blueberry Boy Series, "Harvest Time at Sheldon's Blueberry Farm." 

If you've read "The Blueberry Bandit" and now "Sheldon, The Antioxidant Super Hero of Jaloonsville" you'll be looking forward to the third story, "Harvest Time at Sheldon's Blueberry Farm."

Sheldon Bilberry's Farm is FILLED with ripened blueberries


          Sheldon had just climbed onto his tractor when he heard an unbearable sound: the squishing of a blueberry.
“Berry Squad, I’ve got some serious business to take care of!” Sheldon shouted. He drove the tractor around the barn, over the hill, and through the open field passing the side of a pond, and there they were—squished blueberries scattered along a crushed row.
“Stomp … stomp … stomp!" Sheldon followed the sound of footsteps through the blueberry rows. “You’re breaking my heart. This has to stop!" Sheldon shouted.
The footprints were big, the stomps were loud, and all that Sheldon could ask himself was, who was this person and why would anyone squish blueberries?
The stomper was weaving in and out of the blueberry bushes. Sheldon's feet pulsed with a surprising burst of energy. Leaping over one bush to the next, he chased the stomper through the maze of blueberry bushes.
Who is this blueberry stomper? A big, brown, blueberry-eating grizzly bear!