Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You can be an Antioxidant Super Hero Too!

Your fingers will get really BLUE!

Grab your bowl and fill it with Blueberries right to the brim!
Take the Blueberries with your fingers and
drop, DROP, DROP...
the Blueberries right into your mouth with a grin!
Your inner Antioxidant Super Hero
will start to activate!
Non blueberry eaters will then begin
to realize what your Super Powers will be
when you keep on eating them!
They'll love blueberries too,
I    N     S    T    A    N   T    L    Y!
When you give a non blueberry eater a Blueberry to try they'll become a Blueberry Lover just like you and I!

Mid Summer Work

I'm working on my story Squirrel Earl with an editor from book editing http://www.book-editing.com/quote.shtml. Her name is Karen Schader.

I'm excited to start this process. Squirrel Earl is going to be good.